Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Wow, it has been so long since I last blogged that the whole blogger layout is different and I'm going to have to spend some serious time exploring it.

So, here we are... May 26th.  Happy Anniversary to me.  Marco and I have now been married 5 years.  I wish that we could be together.... hopefully next year.

Lots of things have happened during my blogging sabbatical.....
     We are progressing on the immigration front.... slowly but surely.  I'm still hopeful that Marco will be here sometime this summer, but sometimes it seems like it is never going to happen.  We are SO ready for Daddy to come home.  August 15th it will have been a whole year since we have seen Marco face to face..... I hope it doesn't get that far.  Our papers have passed through the immigration gauntlet and are now going through the visa one.  I can't seem to find any processing times which is discouraging.... I like being able to have even the slightest hint of a time frame.

     The kids and I moved.  Remember the project that my parents were involved in starting at the end of last summer.... the remodeling of the old hotel into apartments.  Well, I am the new manager.  We are loving it here.  There is a great park one block away (the spray park is supposed to open this weekend, but the weather is completely miserable right now!!), the library is 6 blocks away and they have these kid-friendly computers that Cooper is OBSESSED with, he cries when it is time to go.  Maria is in the pre-school up at the university, which is a pretty cool program, she is really enjoying it.  Managing the apartments is fun.  The guys we manage are all so nice.... a really great group of guys.  I love having the self-fulfillment that working gives me.

     My brother lives here in the same town, and his oldest son will be 8 later this summer.  He is playing little league baseball right now and we love going to the games.  Maria and Cooper love playing with the balls and bats, they don't know exactly what to do, but they enjoy themselves. 

     Today, being such a yucky, dark, windy, rainy day.... we are staying inside.  We made play dough this morning, it's pretty amazing how long they are happy playing with play dough.  Then I screwed some mini-picture framing hooks into the ceiling, attached a piece of yarn to them and tied a balloon to the end... I hung two on opposite sides of the living room and the kids are LOVING practicing hitting the balloons with their bats.  Now I just have to figure out activities for this evening.