Friday, January 25, 2008

... you can't beat the wings...

and i have to admit that they are my favorite. Wingers wings that is. Marco and I made it to Laramie, WY tonight. We stopped at Wingers for dinner. Driving was pretty uneventful.... yesterday we drove from wherever we were in KY to Boonville, MO. There was a little snow in the morning, but nothing that slowed us down. we drove thru St Louis and stopped and John John's or something like that and got some nummy subs. and then continued on... This morning we left Boonville and drove over to Kansas city, and then up to Iowa, across to Lincoln, NE and then thru to Laramie. We had a little snow first thing just past Kansas City and then a little just before we got into Laramie. you know how the snow whips by and fans out and it looks cool.... kind of like star trek where they go into hyperspeed or whatever it is... well Marco hasn't ever seen that before so at first he thought it was mosquito's.....
We're excited to be in idaho tomorrow. rach is set for induction tommorrow morning and we'd LOVE to meet lily!! we hope that the weather continues to be as good as it has been so far.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Travel day #2... oh, wait. make that #1

so, here we are.... sitting in some hotel in the beginning part of kentucky (for us the beginning part this time is near west virginia) I have no idea what the name of this town is.... i don't think that there is even a piece of paper with the name of it. we are livin' the large life though... here in a Super 8!! it auctually doesn't have a funky odor to it, the hotel last night did, which was unfortunate.
anyway it's been an interesting journey getting here. monday & tuesday we were busy packing and running final errands in Raleigh... we were supposed to close at 12:30, but the lawyer's weren't ready til 4.... which meant that we couldn't get our check until Wednesday around noon.... we packed and re-packed the trailer and tahoe and still couldn't fit everything... so after closing (when it was dark) we had to go back to the house and finish packing, and it was cold and rainy, and no fun!! we finally got done packing around 7:45 and took off to burlington
the check engine light came on and we had to get that checked out (at the place we bought it in burlington) before we took off across the country..... so we got a hotel in burlington with the intention of getting the car checked out early in the morning and then taking off from there.... our real estate agent was going to pick up the check and deposit it for us which was going to be breat, but seeing as i'm talking about that in the past form that didn't happen.....
while we were driving to burlington Marco remembered that we left our bikes and dehumidifier in the closet on the back porch... UG!! so we decided to come back to raleigh after we got the car fixed, get the bikes and the check. which turned out to be a cool thing cause our friends, Jason and Tinka, had their baby and we went by the hospital and saw her..... she was such a beautiful little girl. so small. marco was afraid to hold her she was so small. she was so soft. her name is Kiera (not exactly sure on the spelling, but shout out to Tiffany!!) so that was fun.
We headed out of Raleigh between 1:30 and 2:00.... I drove thru NC and VA all the way to exit 45 in WV where marco took over. I'm proud of myself for driving so far... i generally get sleepy after an hour and get marco to drive, but i was determined this time!!
We're really excited to finally be on the road. we haven't had any bad weather yet, a little wind that has been wobbling the trailer a little, but nothing too bad, after yesterday we haven't had any rain or snow which we're really thankful for. Our plan for tomorrow is to get to Kansas City....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a diamond is forever

Here is the diamond commercial with Landon Pigg's song:

"Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop"....Landon Pigg

Ok, so there is this commercial, one of those cheesy romantic jewelry commercials that (i think) are so cute..... the couple is driving down the road.... i think it's snowing, but don't quote me on that... and the guy is driving, reaches over and puts a diamond pendant in the girls hand.... all the while he's got that look of adoration on his face. Anyway, there is a song playing and it's lyrics are "... i think that possibly maybe i'm falling for you, yes there's a chance that i've fallen quite hard over you..." I've been trying to find out what it was forever. i think it's great.... anyway as the title of the blog says i've found it....

Landon Pigg's "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop".

I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you
Yes theres a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you.
I've seen the paths that your eyes wander down
I want to come too

I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you

No one understands me quite like you do
Through all of the shadowy corners of me

I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while I never knew
I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while I never knew

I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you
Yes theres a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you.
I've seen the waters that make your eyes shine
Now I'm shining too

Because oh because
I've fallen quite hard over over you

If I didnt know you, I'd rather not know
If I couldnt have you, I'd rather be alone

I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while I never knew
I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while, I never knew

All of the while , all of the while

Cheesecake Factory

Last night Marco and I met some friends (Jen & Leo and Kaila & Conner) at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was so much fun! We had tons of laughs and some really good food. Marco had the sweet corn tamale cakes, and i had crispy chicken coronatta or something like that. It was really good. Thin slices of chicken pan fried served with asparagus, mashed potatoes, and a lemon sauce... Mmmmm. Kaila got the biggest burrito I've EVER seen. It was probably a foot long, and maybe 3 inches in diameter.... i think we all stared when her meal got to the table.
While we were waiting to be seated this nice old lady sat next to me and she was a hoot. She was talking about this restaurant she went to up in NYC (she goes there a couple times a year cause she still has family there) and while they were waiting to be seated some random guy put on a floor show for them. She also talked about other restaurants she'd been too where they serve drinks to you while you wait.... she said that was great, unless you got people who didn't know how to control themselves, and then it got a little rambunctious.
But i think the funniest thing she talked about was this one restaurant that had outdoor seating (we had been talking about the weather and how it's been getting chilly) and the waitresses had uniforms that they had to wear (from the sounds of what she was saying it seemed like they were hooter-esque uniforms... short shorts, and small shirts). She said that she felt sorry for them cause it was so cold, and you could really tell that these girls were cold if you looked closely (referring to their chests). It surprised me so much that this sweet little lady would say that... I laughed and laughed.
I'm going to miss them (Jen & Leo and Kaila & Conner) when we head out to Washington.... there will be so many things that I will miss about NC. Mostly the people.... then there's the shopping, which there is definitely not a lot of in Whatcom County!! But I'll learn to deal with it. There will be other things that I miss too... but my list will probably consist of things i took for granted while i was here.... it always seems to go that way. But all in all I'm excited about the move..... for which we are totally not packed for!! i guess I'll be starting that tonight!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

So Long..... Farewell....

The red Jetta.... aka Lola.

We had some good times..... trips thru the mid-Atlantic region of the US..... and even across country....
I'm sad to say farewell, but she no longer meets our needs.

Thus we say "Hello" to the new guy. He doesn't have a name yet, but will eventually.

Marco and I picked up the Tahoe today.... Here are a few pictures. We're excited about him. This will make things much easier to take all our stuff across country!! I think that one of the things I'm most excited about is the fact that there are pre-set seat locations.... everytime Marco and I would switch drivers in the Jetta we'd have to adjust the seats, but with the tahoe, all we'll have to do is push a button!!! Yay for th simple things in life!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2007 in a Nutshell

  • First month in my new place....
  • clean, clean, clean
  • Remove Wall paper
  • Paint
  • call a plumber


  • less than an inch of snow in Raleigh
  • call HVAC man.... no heat ug!!
  • miss week of work due to migraines.... double ug!!
  • get engaged!
  • go to circus with marco in Norfolk, VA
  • Happy Birthday ME!!


  • visit family in Idaho for Rach's graduation
  • put new windows in the house
  • start planning wedding
  • gut & re-do powder room


  • first BBQ of the season
  • Jen gets Married!!
  • tan
  • Opa has lung surgery
  • more wedding planning


  • finish wedding planning
  • paint pink room green
  • get finger prints taken for US citizenship
  • Drive to Washington
  • Get Married!!
  • Drive back to Raleigh


  • change oil in the car
  • fix up bathroom
  • Mom, Dad, & Justine visit
  • Reception here in Raleigh
  • Dad & Marco re-do Kitchen and Dining Rooms
  • Lots of shopping with Mom & Justine


  • Happy 4th!!!
  • make dream boards at Jen's house
  • Read Harry Potter 6(as a refresher) & 7
  • Watch Harry Potter #5
  • trim hedges
  • Happy Birthday Marco!!!


  • Multiple heat warnings in Raleigh.....
  • Strict water restrictions due to drought
  • put house on the market
  • go to the drive-in
  • Lunar eclipse Aug 28th


  • LOTS of house showings
  • entire family at the lake without Marco & me
  • Lots of TV premiers..... kid nation, grey's anatomy, & heroes among the favorites
  • Get offer on house!!!


  • Chad & Rach find out it's going to be a Lily & not a Jack
  • Marco works in Charleston, SC for a whole WEEK!!!
  • North Carolina State Fair!!
  • start making moving arrangements, only to have financing fall thru 3 days before closing
  • Halloween!!!


  • House back on the Market
  • see Nightmare before Christmas in 3D..... didn't really enjoy it though, i had forgotten how much of a musical it was.
  • Primary Program at church
  • Spend Thanksgiving with friends..
  • Decorate the house for Christmas


  • Continue showing house
  • Ward Christmas party
  • Move to the Centex office for training
  • Work Christmas Party
  • Recieve offer on house Christmas Eve!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

at the "other" office

so, as most of you know, i work for southern designs..... one of our biggest customer's is Centex homes. There are 4 of us from our office doing some training at the Centex mid-atlantic ASC office just down the road. It's kind of nice, we've got big cubes and elevators. It's a big fancy building with tile floors that makes me want to wear heels and trousers... but alas, i'm wearing jeans and sneakers yet again today, although i did pair it with a cute button down top with rouched sleeves and a tie at the waist..... but anyway.... there are 2 elevators in this building, one of which starts moving before the doors have fully closed, and starts to open before it's completely stopped. It makes me laugh at the same time it makes me a little nauseous. that whole motion sickeness thing. i don't really like elevators to begin with, that whole stomach moving around your insides, like takeoff's and landing's. not that the opening and closing ability of the elevators bothers me... i like that it's got quirks, adds to the character of the building. There's no real reason to this post.... i just got back from lunch and had to do a bathroom run, the one on this floor is out of order so i had to go down one floor. I got on the "special" elevator, and it spurred some thoughts, so i thought that i would write them down.

On another totally and completely separate note.... Marco and I had lunch today. Nothing special, we went thru the drive in at Taco Bell and then came back to the office and ate in the parking deck. We chatted about random stuff... my dad's alergy to tape, nail gun injury's, his mom and how good of a seamstress she is, it was fun. I am so thankful that he's my husband. We can do nothing and have a great time. Every day with him seems better than the last.... it's hard to believe that things can keep getting better and better.... they are already so great!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Post

Yeah, i know this is a little late, but better late than never!! Marco and I spent Christmas here together in Raleigh.... just us two. Next year we will be with family, which will be nice. I love marco and all, but i really feel like holiday's are family time, and i missed houses full of family, food, and laughter (among other things!!)

Anyway, Marco was sick Christmas Eve, not very pleasant..... for either of us... he was all stuffed up and sniffling all night, and couldn't get comfortable, so neither of us slept very well..... finally at 6, after hours of tossing and turning he said to me... since we can't sleep, do you want to open presents. He was so funny about the whole thing... we had some presents under the tree and he asked me almost every day if he could open them..... he's not very good at waiting. He wanted to open them christmas eve, but i wouldn't let him (although i did let him open his stocking). So, Christmas morning i got him to go outside to the car and get the camera.... so while he was doing that i rushed the rest of the gifts that i had been hiding in the closet down stairs.... when he got back he was like... oh my, more presents. where did they come from?? it was so much fun doing christmas with him... he hasn't had a christmas like that before. In honduras they have a big party christmas eve and visit all their friends and eat lots of food.... it's just one huge fiesta, so this here has been a little different.

Marco with some chocolates.some gift cards to Lowes so he can get tools!!

His camel pack..... i think this was the gift he was most excited about.... he's been lookinig at them at various stores for WEEKS now!!

no, we're not expecting, but my mom did send us our baby's first toy..... on the inside of the wrapping paper she wrote that she saw this and had to buy it cause it was orange and she thought of us...
Marco got me a juicer..... it's been great. we've had lots of fresh juice.... so far my favorites are orange pineapple, and orange apple kiwi.... mmmm mmmmm good!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


ok, so i was thinking ( i like to do that sometimes) about writing a blog, i don't know if other people out there think about what they're going to write in their next blog, but i do it sometimes, sometimes i even make lists of possible ideas to write about.... for instance i'd like to write a blog on the "burg" and all it's wonderfulness, and perhaps the "ham" and the "dale" too. anyway i was thinking about this blog and i was going to write about the weather (which has been really rediculously cold here... it was actually 22 degrees this morning, which is so weird, considering not too long ago it was in the 80's!! i guess weird isn't the right word for it, cause it is january.... anyway i was thinking of writing to all the weather fiends out there.... but then i didn't know how to spell "fiend" so i did a google search for "fene" and "feen" and "feene" 'cause i did not know that "fiend" had a "d" at the end.... so i went to george and asked him.... he's who i go to when i'm at work and i have a question that's kind of off the wall that has nothing to do with anything... he's my guy. and he knew... we did a google search for fiend, and at first we looked for wikipedia sites... we got some rapper, who was unknown to george..... and we also found alien sex fiend, which we ignored and moved on to the webster's dictionary definition (we'll go with 2a):


Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from old English Fiend; akin to Old High German Fiant enemy, Sanskrit piyati he reviles, blames
Date: before 12th Century

1 a- Devil
b- Demon
c- a person of great wickedness or maliciousness
2 a person extremely devotid to a pursuit or study (a golf fiend)
3 addict (a dope fiend)
4 wizard (a fiend at mathematics)

so there you go.... some usless information for all of you. well, maybe it could be useful to someone ...... someday!