Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

it was a great memorial day weekend.... full of family, sunshine, and bike riding.... we went out to the beach on Saturday to ride bikes and saw this cute little family of geese..... there was one little runt... so cute!!we got to the beach.... how many people do you think it takes to get the kiddies strapped into the bike trailer??

here's papa crusin' on his recumbent... just a little tanner than the rest of us.

this one is a little out of order... but it's hayden, steph, kayla, and i resting after our ride.

here's mom and I taking a breather after an uphill stretch.... i have to admit, i was a little proud of myself..... way out of shape and 5 1/2 months pregnant and i didn't walk at all!!

Here's mi amor and i.... this is a new development across from birch-bay villiage.... and some of the views are amazing... you can see Baker and the twin sisters, the whole bay, and the San Juan's!! (but prices for just the lot starts of at $250K... ug!!)

Later Saturday evening we all went to lake whatcom.... had dinner out on the lake, and then mom, marco and I took hayden and kayla to the park to play so TJ could do some wakeboarding...

Kayla is our little water nymph.... LOVES the water... and Hayden is going to be an engineer or something like that one day.... he's big into detail. here he is trying to get the puddle to drain into the lake.

Monday we went back out to the beach for a little while.... (until it started to rain) there were all these little flowers, kayla broke one off so i stuck it in her hair.... she was really excited about it

Here she is sitting with grandpa toyk (he's a little tired... he rode about 30 miles on his bike that day!!)

Hayden fell asleep on the ride out to the beach... he fought it hard until he finally crashed when they were getting close to the park.
It was a really good weekend.... I need to keep my camera more handy sometimes. I just realized that I didn't get any pic's when chad, rach, and lil's were there..... it would have been great getting one of rach on my mom's granny bike, or little lil's smiling.... I'll have to work on that.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

she moves

so, marco and i were hangin' out in bed last night watchin' a movie and the baby is moving.... i've been able to feel her move for a few weeks now. so i tell marco that she's moving and he gives me his hand, just in case he's able to feel her too.... and for the first time he was!! he felt a little bomp bomp. it was so cool to finally be able to share that with him!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

a beautiful saturday

so i can't believe it.... i haven't seen the rain since Wednesday, and it's Sunday. Another beautiful day here. the sun is shining and it's already in the 70's!! (but it's supposed to rain tomorrow... ug!) but we got to enjoy the sun while it was here. Yesterday Marco and I spent the day together, it was so great. Just the two of us. We headed out to Birch Bay in the morning for a nice leisurely bike ride... we did almost the same thing as we did last week. We rode for about an hour and then once we were back at the car we layed some towels out on some vacant picnic tables and relaxed a while. Then we headed back to the house, washed some cars, had some lunch, and relaxed some more. we suntanned out on the back porch and went in the hot tub (which we cooled down considerably). by this time i noticed that i was a little redder than i would have liked. i could feel my skin, which isn't ever a good sign. (marco on the other hand is a lovely shade of tan) So we hung out indoors for a while. we watched Ninja Warrior, which is the funnest ever! then we headed down to Bob's Burger and Brew for some tasty fish and chips!! It was just one of those days that you have to love. I just love spending time with Marco. He's so great and makes me laugh so hard. I'm so glad he's my husband!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Birch Bay Bike Ride

So, Sunday was an amazingly beautiful day here in the PNW. We got home from church late afternoon, had dinner and then we couldn't think of anything to do. Marco and I were in the garage checking out all the bikes my parents have... there is this cool one from Europe that has a "U" shaped frame, 3 gears, and a back-pedal rear brake (it's been a while!!) we rode different bikes around the driveway (I wanted Marco to try out my dad's recumbent bike, but he wouldn't... chicken!)

Anyway... we decided to go out to Birch Bay for a bike ride.... Hayden was out in the driveway riding with us so he ran up and asked TJ and Steph if they wanted to come to.... so we made it a whole family affair. We loaded the bikes on the back of the Tahoe and set out for the beach.
Hayden and Kayla rode in their little trailer. They were so cute getting buckled in. They are both so grown up, being all independent and wanting to do things for themselves.

We rode down a couple miles thru the state park 'til we found a good place to park (i like the vertical driftwood in the background) and then explored the beach a little. Marco is looking forward to exploring the trails around Bellingham this summer.
We found a dead crab. I stayed away. I didn't really want to test and see how much my stomach is able to handle.... but i am looking forward to later this summer when one of our family friends is going to take us out crabbing.... yummy crab-fest!

Here Marco and I are by that vertical piece of driftwood.... i think people use it when the tide is in to tie their boats too.... at least that's my guess, cause really it's just not a natural position for driftwood.

Here are Hayden and Kayla... It's cool that it's getting to the point with them that you can say look at the camera and smile, and they'll acutally do it (and at the same time!!) There was a cute one of TJ and Steph too, but I haven't stolen their chip yet to get the pics.... maybe later.

It was a really great little mini trip. I hope that all Sunday afternoon/evenings are that nice where we can go out to the beach..... It's been all rainy yesterday and today... i'm ready for summer (or some resemblance of it) to get here!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

milk & gas

so... my parents are in Hawaii right now! Yay for them that they can do that, but I'm just a little jealous.... another overcast day for me in Washington. Anyway, i was talking with my mom on the phone last night about their trip so far and one of the highlight's (or lowlight's) she was telling me about was a trip to the grocery store. They went and got the usual things... Milk, bread... well really, that's all that she mentioned because bread was over $6.00 a loaf!!! i was dumbfounded! but then she said that they were checking out and the clerk scanned their milk and asked if they were having a party or something. They looked at him strangley and said no... why? and he said cause you just spent $9 on that milk!! (milk cost $8.79 per gallon!!!) he said that he hadn't bought milk in 3 months! seriously! we think that it's probably due to the high gas prices, the cost of shipping things there is so expensive! anyway so my encouragement for this morning is to buy locally, and stock up on that food storage!