Friday, February 29, 2008

Birthday Surprises!!

Happy Birthday to ME!! So, yesterday was my birthday... (two more years until my golden birthday) It was an OK day... they guys poured concrete yesterday so they were busy ALL day... they started at 6:30... which was kind of a downer, no breakfast in bed for me (but it's OK I'm over it). Mom had a Relay for Life meeting (and then picked up a fabulous Cold stone Cake) last night so she didn't get home 'till late, and then there was the concrete thing which took forever so they didn't get home 'till late too! So, I made roast chicken (which ps. is like the easiest thing EVER) for the B-Day dinner and then we did the whole 26 candles on the cake thing... Marco got me one of those chair massager thingies (which is totally going to be my best friend!!) BUT...the best birthday gift i got was when Marco and I went to the doctor (which is unusual because I'm really NOT a fan of doctors... no offense to any doctors out there) a HEARTBEAT! Not mine, but the little LIME sized "it" growing inside of me! We're PREGNANT!! Here's a preview of "it"... it's got a head and legs and feet and arms and all sorts of stuff.... We even heard the heart beat... bu-bump! the doctor lady kept asking me questions as she's doing the ultrasound and i couldn't answer ANY of them... i was just way too involved in what was happening on that little monitor.... cause seriously... WOW! We've "known" for a while, but there is NOTHING like actually seeing it! The Doc tried looking for the sex, but it's still a little early (only 12 weeks), so maybe we'll know next month. Nothing to interesting to note of so far... a LOT of nausea, but no vomiting. Everything is going smoothly so far! We'll keep you posted as we go.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

lunch at the park

so for lunch today i went and picked up some food (mmm... bagels from the bagelry) and met my mom, justine, steph, hayden, and kayla for lunch. we went over to the park behind civic feild (not anything special, but close to both justine's and my mom's office's) i don't know what we were thinking.... actually, i do. we were thinking "... oh it would be fun to get together with the girls for lunch and go to a park and then the kids could play... (etc)". the bagels were good, the company was great, and we did play on the playground.... but it was FREEZING COLD!!! well maybe not quite freezing, but it was definitely not a day for a picnic in the park.
We did try make the most of it though. a runner went by with a cute little golden retriever puppy (which was so excited to see hayden and kayla) they stopped and let the kids feed the doggie little treats. it's so funny watching them (hayden & kayla) interact with random people/animals/things.... they are such good little talkers. Hayden is big into telling stories right now, and kayla does this ba-ba-ball/ ju-ju-juice etc ting. So cute!! today they learned how to climb up the slide... it's so much faster than having to walk all the way around climb all the way up (whats with the playground steps being so big!!) to take a 2 second ride down the slide...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a moment to breathe

things have been pretty hectic since we got here... i've been looking for a few minutes to update the blog, and it's been pretty hard. i'm working from home now, which has both good and not-so-good aspects, but leaning more toward good. i don't have to shower before i start work (which i generally do, to the dismay of my father) i can leave the "office" and go swimming in the middle of the day. i get the best kinds of visitors (family) , and if i have a deadline i can stay up until all hours of the night and then walk 20 feet and fall into bed.
i'm trying to think of the things that aren't so good.... and it's a little more difficult. the fact that the people i'm working with are on the east coast and start work at 5 my time and get off at 2:30, well that's not my favorite thing. i don't even mind the rain so much. but i have to admit that i do wear my slippers often.

but other than work.... things are great here. its wonderful to be with the family so much... it's great to be able to play with my neice and nephew... see my brother and his wife every day.... see my sister a couple times a week. my parents built a smaller place (aka home... 2br 2ba 900sf place) joking that it's so that the kids, now that they're grown, won't be back to stay too long.... but that's not how it's happening, it just makes for closer living quarters, so far we fit 8 people....

i'm looking forward to valentines day and my birthday (both this month!!) and i'm looking forward to seeing chad, rach, and baby lil's again in march (yay for baby blessings!!) i'm looking forward to taking this afternoon off to run errands (pvc pipe, and post-it notes.... and maybe, just maybe, i'll stop by the bagelry and pick up a dozen bagels)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hello Washington!!

Here we are.... we finally made it. Actually we made it here day before yesterday. We've been busy unpacking and getting settled. We got our "room" all set up yesterday, and today we're going to work on organizing the remaining boxes and getting Marco's tools where they should be. Right now I'm working on setting up my office space and updating the blog (obviously).

When we were in Idaho we got to see my new beautiful niece... lily belle. she really is a beautiful baby. I'll post some pics of her....

We stayed in Idaho an extra day because the roads were so bad getting out of there... and then once we got to Washington, the pass that we were going to take going over the mountains was closed so we took an alternate route and a different pass (stevens instead of snoqualmie). I've got a couple videos of that. Its a good thing we made it over the pass when we did, cause now there have been avalanches (ug) and there is something like 18 feet of snow covering the roadways.... i bet those road workers are loving their jobs right now!!